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51% of UK Ecommerce Happened Via Mobile

For the first time ever smartphones and tablets accounted for over half of online sales in the United Kingdom. During the period November 2015 to June this year, 51 percent of UK online retail sales took place using smartphones and tablets. This is a significant increase on the 45 percent share recorded in the third […]

5 Ecommerce SEO Trends That Have Emerged In 2016

Each year brings a series of changes to the world of SEO in ecommerce. Much has been made about the position of SEO and whether you still should be using Google to boost your website over alternatives like social media. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, you should learn about the value SEO […]

What will Brexit mean for ecommerce Europe

The Brits have voted for Brexit, which means the United Kingdom will withdraw from the European Union. The whole process of withdrawal will probably take two years, but it’s certain Brexit will affect the European ecommerce industry. Here’s how. On the short term, something is already happening. The British pound plunged to its lowest level […]